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 addison wesley higher education (a pearson education company) (11)
 addison wesley longman (higher education division, pearson education) (34)
 addison wesley longman asia ltd (a pearson education asia company) (6)
 addison wesley longman canada (a pearson education canada company) (27)
 addison wesley longman elt division (a pearson education company) (159)
 charles merrill (a pearson education company) (8)
 financial times prentice hall (a pearson education company) (1)
 jossey-bass inc, publishers (a pearson education company) (27)
 longman dictionaries division (a pearson education company) (7)
 longman international education division (a pearson education company) (50)
 longman schools division (a pearson education company) (73)
 macmillan computer publishing (a pearson education company) (408)
 macmillan digital usa (a pearson education company) (29)
 pearson education (7747)
 pearson education (singapore) pvt ltd (1)
 pearson education (us) (48492)
 pearson education asia (49)
 pearson education australia (241)
 pearson education benelux (3)
 pearson education centre (44)
 pearson education esl (2)
 pearson education france (23)
 pearson education india (381)
 pearson education limited (40263)
 pearson education new zealand (27)
 pearson education north asia ltd (84)
 pearson education south africa (7)
 pearson education, oxford (1910)
 pearson higher education (1657)
 pearson professional education (1153)
 prentice hall (a pearson education company) (978)
 prentice hall (higher education division, pearson education) (1073)
 prentice hall direct (a pearson education company) (10)
 prentice hall europe (a pearson education company) (233)
 prentice hall india (a pearson education asia company) (5)
 prentice hall southeast asia pte ltd (a pearson education asia company) (25)
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Top Offer This Month
A Dictionary of World History
This invaluable, wide-ranging A to Z contains over 4,000 concise and reliable entries on all aspects of international history, from ancient times right up to the present day. An ideal quick reference work for students, and a fascinating source of historical information for anyone with an interest in the subject.
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Oxford Quick Reference
The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture
With over 6,000 entries from Aalto to Zwinger, this is the most authoritative dictionary of architectural history available. Beautifully illustrated and extensively revised and expanded, it is an invaluable work of reference for students of architecture, landscape architecture, professional architects, and art historians.
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Oxford Quick Reference
Dictionary of Law
This bestselling dictionary contains over 4,800 clear and concise entries on all aspects of English law. Now in its ninth edition, it has been updated to reflect the very latest legislation.
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Oxford Quick Reference
The Kings and Queens of Britain
An authoritative and accessible guide to the British monarchy from pre-conquest rulers to the present day House of Windsor. Maps, photos, paintings, and genealogies accompany a wealth of information on the kings and queens of Britain. Find out about their lives, personalities, policies, key dates, places of residence, legacies, and much more.
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Summer Read
The Trespasser
Winner of Crime Fiction Book of the Year - Irish Book Awards 2016'Contains the most tense and serpentine interrogation scenes outside of John Le Carre' - GuardianYou can beat one killer. Beating your own squad is a whole other thing. The case that will make Detective Antoinette Conway's murder squad career. Or break it.
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Summer Read
Lord of the Flies
A plane crashes on an uninhabited island and the only survivors, a group of schoolboys, assemble on the beach and wait to be rescued.
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Summer Read
The Selfish Gene
The 40th anniversary edition of the million copy international bestseller, with a new epilogue from the author. As relevant and influential today as when it was first published, this classic exposition of evolutionary thought, widely hailed for its stylistic brilliance and deep scientific insights, stimulated whole new areas of research.
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For Girls and Boys
The 1,000-year-old Boy
The astonishing, beautiful new story for all readers of 10 and over from the bestselling and Costa-shortlisted author of TIME TRAVELLING WITH A HAMSTER.
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For Girls and Boys
A Place Called Perfect
Violet hates living in Perfect. Why does everyone have to wear special glasses to stop them going blind? What are the strange noises in the night and why is Mum acting so weird? Then Dad disappears and Violet is determined to uncover the truth with the help of the mysterious Boy. But returning normality to Perfect is a battle they never imagined...
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